Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Truth stranger than fanfiction: Andrew Hsu: 2010 Chicago Single

On Monday I came across the July issue of Chicago magazine in the doctor's office. One of the cover articles was "Chicago's top 20 most eligible singles." I'm neither single nor eligible,* nor am I one of Chicago's top 20 anythings. But, hey, I had time to kill.
As you'd expect, the article was fluffy and shallow. At least there were a few non-Caucasians included. (It being a new millennium and all.)
So I checked out the bio on the lone Asian-American dude. That's when the strangeness of reality unveiled itself.
Go ahead and read it.

Andrew Hsu: 2010 Chicago Single

Think about this for a minute. Andrew is a "resident physician in orthopedic surgery at Rush University Medical Center and part-time model." A surgeon and a model. Srsly?
I can't testify as to his medical credentials. But take a look at this.

I'd say he's got the necessary credentials for modeling, wouldn't you?

Note I saw this article the day after I put up the Ken and Donny fanfic. I would have been almost embarrassed to describe one of them as a frickin' surgeon by day and male model by night.
OK, I wouldn't. But it's still kinda over the top.

I hereby decree that, henceforth, an Asian Marty or Gary Stu will be known as an Andy Hsu.

* If you are single and eligible, and would like to contact Andrew, Chicago mag thoughtfully panders provides an e-mail address:
If anything comes of this, no need to invite me to the wedding. I do request
, however, that you name one of the kids after me.

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