Tuesday, August 3, 2010

From non-crazyDonna: Support Judge Edward Chen's Nomination

Something not crazy. Again. What do I think I'm doing?

Anyway. Click. Read. Decide. Maybe sign the petition. Maybe get yourself on somebody's Watch List!

Support Judge Edward Chen's Nomination: Asian American Justice Center

From the AAJC:
President Obama nominated Magistrate Judge Edward M. Chen to the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in August 2009. Judge Chen has been waiting to be voted on by the full Senate longer than any other nominee this Congress despite broad support. With the upcoming August recess fast approaching, however, it's possible that Judge Chen might have to wait even longer for a vote.

Magistrate Judge Edward M. Chen has a reputation as a balanced, fair, and unbiased jurist based on his nine year record as a judge and enjoys broad support from the judiciary, the litigation bar and legal community, and law enforcement. Judge Chen was rated "Unanimously Well Qualified" by the American Bar Association.

Judge Chen would be the first Asian Pacific American Article III judge in the history of San Francisco. This is especially significant given that some of the most infamous cases affecting Asian Pacific Americans - including United States v. Korematsu, Yick Wo v. Hopkins, and Lau v. Nichols - were first decided by the federal district court in San Francisco. Further, the absence of an Asian Pacific American Article III judge in San Francisco is particularly shocking given that approximately 35% of the population in San Francisco is Asian Pacific American.

A judge unanimously considered well qualified? With broad support? Don't we kinda need judges like that in our country?

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