Sunday, August 8, 2010

If Inception were real, Shy would be famous

There's plenty of Inception memes going around right now. The "If dream inception were real, I would..." meme allows me to segue into another new obsession interest of mine: the brilliant, hilarious, and handsome YouTube film-maker Shyaporn*.
Please, if you've never watched any of Shy's videos, do yourself a favor. Take a few minutes and watched a couple. In fact, take the whole day and watch them all.
Then ask yourself, why isn't this guy famous?** Why isn't he in movies or on Saturday Night Live or the star of his own TV series or something? He's an absolute riot! He's got a unique dry, intelligent wit joined to a willingness to indulge in absolute silliness. He's got a great voice, a fantastic bod, and his hair is perfect.

Anyway, if Inception were real, I'd plant the idea in the mind of a few good film-makers and Hollywood PTBs to hire Shy and give him the national audience he deserves.

*Yes, Shyaporn's his actual first name. It's Thai. His last name is Theerakulstit. It's not pronounced the way it's spelled. Or, more accurately, the transliteration doesn't equate to the way the pronunciation of the name would usually be spelled in English. Oh, fer cryin' out loud, Shy explains it all here.

**You don't suppose it could be because he's
Asian, do you?!? Because that would be crazy.

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